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It’s finally over, he broke up with you.
After promising each other countless times that you will never give up on each other finally it all caved in.
Heartbroken you feel broken.
Words can’t put together how disappointed and painful this is.
But you can’t let him see how devastated you are.
You go an act as if everything is okay, played it so well you deserve an Oscar.
To give your facade more credibility, you start to hang with Oscar the guy you told him you’d never date.
You want him to see you happy with a possible candidate If not more
You want to hurt him in revenge, show him you settled for him and could’ve done better
But you didn’t and it’s over with
You don’t see how you’re just prolonging your hurt.
Instead of dealing with the pain you spend most of your time hiding it
Instead of working on yourself, you spend time picking out who you will look best with to piss off your ex
Instead of falling in love with you, you fall into a relationship with no potential
You later on convince yourself that you fell in love when you really found someone who caught you when you were tripping.
Still in pain, still haven’t moved on mentally now you’re jumping from relationships to relationships trying to forget that ex.
When you finally stop trying this so called love race, you finally look back and see how much pain you’ve added to that pain.
Now consumed by inflicted pain, all you can can conclude to is, LOVE IS VAIN

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Message To My Ex.


1. You were just another chapter in my life journey. I’m mature enough to not bash you, I’ve grown from what I experienced w/ u

2. Treating me as if I was no different than your ex is the reason you didn’t see a difference not because I wasn’t different.

 3. I hope you mature out of that egotistical character. Self-centered people never find true love.

4. I loved you but i wasn’t in love with you. It was a friendly type of love fueled by lust which died out when i finally woke up

5. I hope you saw your errors as well. Believing that the relationships ended only because I did too many wrongs is wrong

 6. You are the example of what i do not want. Not saying you won’t be the right one for someone else but you were wrong for me.

 7. Thank you for helping me see some of the things i needed to change before i meet the right one.


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