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Sometimes you can reject the present moment because you think it is not enough. Instead of being focused on where you are, your mind could be aimed at where you think you should be. But the power is in the present. The solution you are seeking is right in front of you. What you have in your hands is the key out of the wilderness. In the present moment you can find solutions to every problem you are battling. By tapping into what’s around you, you will discover the path to freedom, peace, fulfillment, and healing. So much pain comes from wishing to be somewhere else and not seeing what’s in front of your face. When your mind is constantly racing ahead to the future, you are not grounded; you are not anchored and you will block the flow of greater blessings. The past informs you as your future inspires you. While you may not have all you want, you have all you need right here, right now to triumph in the face of struggles. Today, begin to fall in love with now. Slow down to see that the present moment is more than enough… and so are you. -Molesey Crawford






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