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Bless Today: It Will Never Come Again

It’s fine to work toward future goals, but don’t forget that today will never come again.  You have only twenty-four hours to enjoy it.


Instead of waiting to be an old lady to wear purple, wear it now.  Instead of waiting for retirement to live in a beautiful place, consider finding a way to get there now.  When we live our lives in accordance with our dreams, it becomes easy to cheer for other people doing so.  When we don’t, it’s easy to be sour grapes, unsupportive, or jealous when others break free and follow their heart’s desire.


If you feel as if your life is somewhere out there as opposed to right here, stop and ask yourself, really ask yourself:

*  What is missing in my life?
*  What have I put on hold?
*  What am I waiting for?
*  What would really fill my heart and make me happy?
*  What would I regret if I died tomorrow?

Though you may not die tomorrow, the saddest death is walking around like a robot, cut off from the magic of today–from love, from beauty, from being where you want to be.

And remember, if all life is sacred, then today is sacred.  Ask yourself, What am I doing to feel joy today?  A wonderful way to start the day is to bless it:


Blessings on this day, may I make it special in some way.
Blessings on my life, may I treat it with love and care.
Blessings on all people, may I see the goodness in everyone.
Blessings on nature, may I notice its beauty and wonder.
Blessings on the truth, may it be my constant companion.





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