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My Greatest Lolo and Lola..

Grandparents are a family’s greatest treasure,

the founders of a loving legacy,

The greatest storytellers, the keepers of traditions

that linger on in cherished memory.

Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation.

Their very special love sets them apart.

Through happiness and sorrow,

through their special love and caring,

grandparents keep a family close at heart.

I will remember my Lolo as a caring and devoted husband throughout times of hardship and joy,

I will remember my Lolo as a gentle and kind man who lent a helping hand to friends and family,

I will remember the way my Lolo disciplined us, and how he carried himself with dignity.

Most of all, I will remember my Lolo for his understanding and

unconditional love towards his loved ones, for he was not only disciplined, but profound.

Lolo Jose, with love I wish you peace on your journey.

May you and Lola Juliana reunite and watch over us with the love and care

you both shared with each other and with those you loved….

I will remember my Lola as a caring woman who loved her children and

grandchildren no matter how difficult life was.

I will remember my grandmother for her strength and loyalty towards

my grandfather and how she took care of him over the years,

she was by his side regardless of her own condition.

I learned so much from her, that I wish I could capture

her true essence in words, but I cannot.

That is why knowing my grandmother was truly beautiful.

So now, I would like to wish you love, peace, and best wishes on your journey.

You will always have a special place in my heart.


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