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Revel in Your Freedom

Revel in Your Freedom:

Being single is all about you. You’re the boss, so do what makes you happy — nothing is stopping you. You can spend a day reading in the park or go to the movies by yourself without feeling guilty for wanting to be alone. You can pursue a new hobby without worrying about how time-consuming it is. Your independence will come with ease. Your time is yours to use however you de…cide. Go explore and learn — there’s nothing holding you back. And there are more ways than ever to find your Mr or Mrs Right. Until then, here are ten top reasons to celebrate your single status. Enjoy every moment of your single life!

1) Flirting is encouraged – You don’t have to feel guilty about staring at that cutie from the coffee place, or ogling a particular hotie on the street.

2) Your money is your own – If you want to blow a week’s salary in Vegas, it’s entirely up to you. There’s no one to nag you to put it in the bank for a rainy day.

3) All the covers are yours – No waking up cold. No pulling blankets off of someone else just so you can get a few hours sleep. (And no one snoring all night to interrupt your peaceful shut-eye.)

4) Let your spirits fly! – Having a great day? Your partner can’t come home and dampen your mood. Conversely, you don’t need to cheer up anyone else.

5) You can leave your socks anywhere you want – No one will nag you to pick them up. You also won’t have to pick up socks or underwear that isn’t yours!

6) You get to meet new people – Dating is a fun activity. You get to know new people and learn what makes them tick. You can have conversations about anything and everything – not just about your significant other’s day or what your kids did in school. Best of all, in going out on different dates you’ll be stretching your comfort zone and discovering new activities you might not have otherwise tried.

7) You don’t answer to anyone – If Sunday is your day to watch the game, hang out at the bookstore, or swing by every rummage sale in town, no one can tell you otherwise. If you want to go to the gym or eat popcorn for dinner? Go ahead!

8) You can devote more time to your career – Singles are sometimes envious when their married coworkers duck out at five to pick up the kids, but being on your own can have distinct advantages at work. You’re more flexible; you can bail out your boss by devoting more time to an important new project and even jump on a last-minute flight to sooth an angry client. This type of availability can make your boss take notice, and hopefully, reward you.

9) Meet your friends whenever you’d like – Married and otherwise attached folks are sometimes not as flexible as their single counterparts when it comes to keeping up with friendships. So when the guys decide to grab a beer and wings at the last minute or the girls plan an after-work get together you can easily join them without worrying about someone else’s schedule.

10) You only have one set of relatives to deal with – While it can be great to have a large family get together with both sides of an extended family, it can also be a headache at times. If you’re someone that prefers a more quiet holiday by just dealing with one goofy family (your own), being single can afford you a calmer celebration.

Welcome to Being single and LOVING it!!


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