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Keep Going…


I know we were taught different.
I get it.
But I also know what it feels like to lose my mind.
I also know what it’s like to break down and STILL not have the answers. But I can tell you there’s only one way after that, and that’s “up”. The cathartic release that follows breaking down really helped me with breathing.
Yes, breathing. 
Just breathing.
Because you don’t have to have all the answers, you don’t even have to have a fucking plan.
You just need to accept that pain happened,
and now it’s time to heal.
But the hard part is over.
(Not that healing is easy…)
It’s up to you in how you want to look at it but you can’t rebuild if you never break down.
You can’t start over if you never give up.
You can’t get better if you can’t admit that everything is not perfect.
And you know what happens when you do????
The weight of the world slides right off of your shoulders and onto the ground…where it belongs.
You are free now.
Free to choose wherever you want to go,
whatever you want to do.
You get to be a smarter, healthier, STRONGER you.
And I couldn’t applaud you more for seeing that there is hope outside of this pain.






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A Positive Note..


Who I am and what I’ve become, is a far cry from who I was and the things I’ve done. I’m living proof, that nothing is etched in stone. That it’s never too late, to find your way back home. That life can change and it can happen in instant.

Too live, one has to make a choice and stay persistent. Don’t let your doubts, speak louder than your convictions. Life is hard enough, without all the false predictions. Don’t let the opportunity of life slip through your fingers. Let go of your fears, because those are the regrets that linger.

Trust me when I say, that life is a gift. There use to be a time, when I thought that was a myth. Sometimes we have to let go, if we wanna hold on. No one is beyond repair, no one is too far gone. Everyone has the opportunity, to make right on there wrongs.

Sometimes we just have to write a new verse to a sad old song. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Remember the greatest of flames, starts with the tiniest of sparks. Don’t just act on every decision, sometimes it’s the wounds that have the greatest wisdom. Believe in yourself and never give up.

Trust in faith and never in luck. Find strength in your pain and don’t let the past be a reason for shame and when the storm’s roll in, just whistle you a tune and dance in the rain.



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