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April thoughts…

Sometimes, you run so fast under the influence of others that you trip, fall down and get hurt in the process. You then realize how the world is still running and not many actually care for you. This happens to make you realize that life is not a race, and definitely not one to be run according to others. You need to think of what you really want and how you want it, and go after it at your own pace. The day you see your path and set your pace, you will realize how in this life there is actually no race.


The mind, it sometimes wanders from one bad memory to another, making you feel worse with every passing moment.

To move over it, you need to SNAP out of it! To break a series of thoughts, you really need to get up, get going and get busy with something that occupies your mind space. Sitting and thinking and feeling bad is just not going to make you feel good. To feel better, you need to do something better. Movie, music, books, blogging, shopping, eating, talking, do whatever it takes that you think will make you happy, and even though you may feel that this will keep you happy for just a while, try it, for it might turn out to be truly worthwhile 🙂


What looks right yesterday may not look right today. What looks right today may not look right tomorrow. What looked wrong yesterday may not look wrong today. What looks wrong today may not look wrong tomorrow.

Our thoughts, our perceptions, our concepts, our beliefs, they keep changing forever. Don’t hate yourself for thinking differently at different times. As humans, you not just have the right to do that, but you are also bound to do that with changing times and circumstances. Its ok to change, specially if there’s no other way out.


When life does not do things to make you happy, you need to do things to make yourself happy. Till when will you keep waiting for life to turn luck in your favor and make you happy? Take your fate in your hands, try to do whatever you think can make you happy and soon enough you will actually have grown happier.

Its one thing to rely on destiny to bring happiness in our lives, but at the same time we can be the architects of our own happiness too. So what if your happiness is not coming to you in the way you wanted it to, take it in whatever form it comes, after all happiness is happiness, be it in one form or another 🙂


Even after trying many times, if something doesn’t seem to work out for you, then it might not be right for you.

You need to learn to accept losses just the way you accept victories. Nobody is supposed to win forever, and we all face unwanted losses at unwanted times. Nobody likes to lose, but there is no point shying away from it.

Look instead at what you have in life, and try to make the most of the options in front of you. No matter how much anybody loses, there is always something left with us, and even if you can’t find that something, then just latch on to hope.

Forget the loss, accept the present, make use of what you have and move on.


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