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Helping you get over somebody :)

Statistics have revealed that over 90% people in this world have suffered a heartbreak at one point or the other in their life. Here are some thoughts which might be helpful in helping you get over somebody.


1. Tell yourself you want to get over the person. The problem more often than not is that you simply don’t want to get over the person, the relationship, the good times, the bad times. Tell your heart to shut up, and tell your mind that you are ready to move on.

2. Trying to be friends with somebody you’ve been in a relationship with works for some people, but in most cases (especially if you have a weak heart), it is a better idea to cut all ties with your friend. No meeting, no talking, no checking out pictures on facebook, no checking with friends to check out what’s happening with the person, no touch at all in short.


3. Let it all out. Talk to a friend, cry your heart out if you want, write some poetry/ a blog, just let this feeling out of your system. Yes, it hurts even more when you start talking about it, but if you don’t, then it will hurt you some more later.

4. You may feel that drinking or smoking or trying any other intoxicant is helping, but it’s actually not. It is only suppressing the pain further, making you more hateful from within.


5. Listening to romantic songs/ watching romantic movies / being near mushy things is a strict no no. Change the music, the movies, the sitcoms, all other things that make you want to fall in love some more.

6. Secretly keeping some pictures of the person in your phone/computer even after friends told you to delete them is not such a good idea. Please delete them. Now.(right after you’re done reading the rest)


7. Wondering how s/he was the one, or wondering how things were perfect between you two, or wondering you two were soulmates will not help. Simply speaking, if s/he was the one, and you two were soulmates , then the relationship wouldn’t have broken up in the first place. It would have just carried on, wouldn’t it? You both are supposed to be at different places in life and with different people moving further.

8. Saying you will not fall in love ever again is a natural consequence of a break up. But then, love happens, you can’t help it, it happens by itself. So don’t feel like you’ll never fall in love again, or don’t tell yourself that you will never find somebody to love you again. Everything can happen.


9. Finding a new person to love right after a breakup is not the best thing to do. More often than not, what you have with this new person is not love, but the feeling of filling up of empty space that has been created because of your recent breakup. You will want to love this person because it helps you forget the old person, a fact which is true, but can backfire quickly. Love somebody moving ahead, but love somebody for the right reasons, because you like them, or you feel they make you feel special, or because you both have a common goal in life, or because the person is just too lovely not to not love.

10. Meditate. Sounds weird, eh? Love leaves some very strong impressions on life. Ones that are very difficult to get rid of. Meditation, in its original form, or doing anything in life that simply makes you forget everything else about the world and helps you concentrate on that one thing that you are doing is a great form of helping shift your mind from what has happened to something constructive, something creative, and something that helps you calm your mind. Pick up a hobby, get busy in a group which does some work, make new friends, travel, or just do anything that makes you busy on a constant level. You’d have been so busy loving the person before, that the most important thing killing you right now is the loneliness that surrounds you. But it is you who needs to do something about this feeling, by getting busy yourself.

Will this help you to get over the person instantly? No. If falling in love and being in love was a long process, then getting over it is also naturally a long process. But crying and wailing about what happened is definitely not going to make things better. You need to do something to make things better. And by trying to do them, things will definitely get better.

And if you are still wondering why all this happened to you, then just remember that Love always comes with a price tag, and anybody who falls in love needs to pay the price for it one way or the other. Does that mean you stop being in love? No, not at all. Love is a beautiful feeling, be in love, by all mean be in love But learn to accept the entire package and not just the goodness of love.

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