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Hard Truth in LIFE!

Hard Truth #1

There are some aspects to my life that I’m not happy with, but I’m not going to make excuses just to make myself feel better. My problems are my responsibility and no one else’s. It’s up to me to solve them.


Hard Truth #2

 No One Owes You Anything..When you feel entitled to something that you want without really earning it, you set yourself up for a lot of disappointments. When you don’t get what you want you’ll probably tell yourself it’s someone else’s fault & blaming other people is not a good way to win friends.
People will only help me out when I prove my worth through my actions, not just talk.

Hard Truth #3

 There are No Shortcuts…The only sure fire path to success is hard work. There may be some shortcuts out there, but they are so few and far between that it’s much easier to do something simple, honest and valuable than to look for them.

Hard Truth #4

Superman won’t swoop down to save you…Everything’s going to be okay when (The economy gets better/I get a big promotion/I win the lottery/I become a reality TV star). No. The solutions to your problems will come from you, not anyone or anything else. When you wait for someone or something else to solve them, they will most definitely persist.

Hard Truth #5

 Dreams Don’t Come True Just by Thinking About Them…Someday I’ll be a successful(actor/writer/singer/CEO/President).. fantasies like this are but short lived escapes from reality. What actions can I take today to accomplish my goals? Facing these truths can be frightening at first. But once you begin to accept them instead of avoiding them, you can be surprised how many paths open up for you. The more accurate your view of reality is, the more power you have to change it.


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