Message To My Ex.


1. You were just another chapter in my life journey. I’m mature enough to not bash you, I’ve grown from what I experienced w/ u

2. Treating me as if I was no different than your ex is the reason you didn’t see a difference not because I wasn’t different.

 3. I hope you mature out of that egotistical character. Self-centered people never find true love.

4. I loved you but i wasn’t in love with you. It was a friendly type of love fueled by lust which died out when i finally woke up

5. I hope you saw your errors as well. Believing that the relationships ended only because I did too many wrongs is wrong

 6. You are the example of what i do not want. Not saying you won’t be the right one for someone else but you were wrong for me.

 7. Thank you for helping me see some of the things i needed to change before i meet the right one.


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