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Let me remind you…

If you have forgotten what you deserve — let me remind you.

You deserve someone asking you to slow dance on a weeknight in the street.
You deserve someone unapologetically pouring their heart out to you.
You deserve flowers sent to your office.
You deserve being a part of their entire world, not being their best-kept secret.
You deserve Sunday morning where they want you to stay.


You deserve to never feel badly for saying what you think and feel.
You deserve someone who wants to be there, not someone who is bored.
You deserve sleeping next to someone who leaves you whole, not lying next to a stranger that makes you feel lonely.
You deserve someone who wants to go to the ends of the earth to be with you, not someone who makes you go all the way alone. Because relationships are 50/50. Remember that.

You deserve to have someone helps carry the burdens life throws at you. Because life struggles were never meant to be endured alone.
You deserve someone drying your tears, never causing them.
You deserve all these things. You just have to be brave enough to ask for them.

Please, my dear, life is too short and you are too young, you are too beautiful, you are too worth it to settle for anything less than extraordinary. And I know you question if it’s out there, but it
is. It’s waiting for you.

Listen — soulmates are real, and love is something you can believe in. Promise me that you will believe in it. Promise me that you will never settle.

By: Kirsten Corley






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