1. Let people you love go if they need it. Doing what is best for a person even if it breaks you is what loving someone really is.
2. Forgive people who make valid apologies. Really forgive them. It will help both of you.

3. Not everyone deserves a second chance. Learn who to trust again and who to move on from.
4. Don’t exercise. Do recreational activity. Know that one is about punishing your body for not being naturally what society deems perfect, and the other is about enjoying something that coincidentally involves moving around.

5. Never deny yourself when it comes to food. Eating is not a sin and should never be associated with guilt, greed, or gluttony.
6. Eating is wonderful, delicious, joyous, experimental, strengthening, nourishing, and sociable.
7. Don’t regret any choices that you made. It was exactly what you wanted at that time and your decision would never have been any different. If it turned out badly, use the experience to learn from your mistakes, move forward, and not make them again in the future.

8. Be open and honest, always. Communicate what you are feeling to other people. It makes you look strong, not weak, and it will make your relationships deeper and more solid.
9. Write letters to people that deserve it. Write letters of love. Write letters of thanks. They will be treasured.
10. Read a lot. Always have a book by your bed. It will expand your imagination, teach you new things, and act as a place you can escape to when life is difficult.
11. Listen to people who are sad, and really hear them. Make an effort to genuinely understand them and empathize with the way they are feeling. Help them in ways you would like to be helped.
12. Honor your body. Respond to what it is telling you, always. If it needs fuel, eat. If it is tired, rest. Appreciate your body for keeping you alive even when you treated it like the enemy.

13. If you love someone, tell them. You might not get another opportunity, and you should never let yourself live with a “what if”.
14. Stand up for yourself, and stand up for others. Do not be someone who stays silent in the face of injustice.
15. Travel whenever you can. It is important, exciting, invaluable, and liberating, to explore the world.

16. Live life for yourself. Learn to say yes, and learn to say no.
Don’t ever forget that you are worth a hell of a lot. Cut people out of your life who don’t appreciate that, and hold those close that do.






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