Whatever happens.. happens for something good :)


What you want, what you think and what you do definitely play a part in what happens in your life, but at the same time, what happens to your life is based on a hundred different factors, most of which are out of your control. Destiny is made up of two parts, the one that you create and the one that happens to you you and you need to accept. Sometimes, when your efforts align with external factors, things go well, at other times no matter how much you try, things simply don’t seem to happen. Life is not about leaving it all on luck and simply not putting any efforts, and at the same time, life is not about thinking you can do whatever you want to, achieve anything you set your eyes on. Its great to have goals, its great to chase one’s dreams, but there’s no beating the realities of life. Give life your best shot, but learn to accept all the roadblocks and failures that come on your way, and just like the challenges, you never know when life will turn things in your favor and make things happen out of thin air. 🙂


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