Truths about Life…


It’s very easy to convince somebody of something when they are young, but as people tend to grow older, they start realizing the truths about life themselves. No more does one hope fancifully, no more does one dream idealistically, no more does one expect unconditionally, no more does one desire immeasurably. Growing older, and wiser, ironically robs people of their happiness, simply because there are lesser things to be happy about, fewer experiences to experience for the first time, lower levels of excitement about life in general, and all this because of the many experiences life has shown you over the years, of hurt, of hatred, of being cheated, of being taken for granted, of so much more that eventually changes the very DNA of an individual, that made you, you.


So how should one be happy as you grow older and wiser? It all begins with acceptance, acceptance of one’s position in life, acceptance of what has happened to one in life, acceptance of whatever bad somebody did to you, acceptance of whatever went wrong with you. As you start growing closer to the stage of acceptance, you will naturally feel lighter, and once you feel lighter, you will start feeling younger again This is a new young, this is a new you, its as good as a rebirth within this one, its a different you. Its then about re exploring life from a different perspective, about re living things from a fresh mind, about re kindling friendships and making new ones, about re initiating the process of finding hobbies and passions in life, about re training your mind to be happy again, about re telling your heart to live fully again, about reminding yourself that its not so bad after all, about remembering that age and experience is just a number, about realizing the true potential of whatever you have, about recognizing all that you can still do, about re looking at the way you look at life, about re living your own life.

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