..that this is LIFE!


All dreams don’t come true. All dreams aren’t supposed to come true. This is not a dreamland we live in, it is the real world that we are a part of. Lot of motivational books and movies and speakers and thoughts will make you feel like you can achieve anything in this world. Well, its partly true, you truly can go beyond your limits and reach a place you could have never imagined to be at, but, it doesn’t happen at all times, doesn’t happen for everybody, doesn’t happen always. This life and what we achieve in it, is not just dependent on what we do, it is dependent on a thousand other factors, right from our upbringing, to our environment, to our resources, to the chances we get and so much more. Every step of ours is either supported or hindered by all these factors. Where we eventually reach is based on the combined sum of all these factors. It may well be where we exactly wanted to be, but it may well not be not that place.


This is not a demoralizing status, this is not posted to tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams, this is not to say that we should not aim high and not hope to reach there. This is just posted to tell you to accept life with a pinch of reality, to accept loss when you didn’t expect it, to accept rough patches when you thought it will be smooth sailing all the way, to accept unfairness in what you thought to be an ideal world.

Do what you want to, try to achieve what you feel like, but don’t get disheartened when you don’t get where you desired, instead make your heart more immune from the very beginning such that it has the power to bear loss and accept uncertainty.

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