June thoughts ◕‿◕


You’ll notice how during your good times, its easy to believe in the truth of whatever happens, happens for something good. But when the bad times come by, you can’t seem to think of anything but bad things for your future. What happens is that we get so occupied by our problems, that we simply can’t see, understand or believe how whatever is happening could be happening for any good at all.

That’s exactly the point, whether or not we see it or believe it, there is some good in everything that’s happening to us. Just hang in there, and know things will be fine. Its not about getting what you want, or things turning out to be great, but just the realization that what you get at the end of it all is good for you.



So you used to have some close friends in the past. But with the passage of time you practically have nobody by your side. Now you naturally feel bad because of this loneliness and wonder why you are being made to suffer like this.

Now logically understand, if you had people around you earlier and don’t have any now, things can only become better from here. Yes, this phase might have been a little longer than you expected, but don’t worry, while life is subtly making you stronger for the future, it is also actively working towards getting some people around you, so you can keep each other happy Just trust life, it works for you in ways you can’t imagine.



When you have less, you want a little more. When you are given a lot, you start wanting a lot more. Controlling desires is one of the most important ways to be happy. Take a stock of how much you are asking for, maybe reducing your desires is all it will take to make you happy.

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