May thoughts….

Do you wonder why your problems are always different than others? That’s because it is life’s way to turn you into a unique you. It is problems that change our mindset, our approach towards the future and the way we live our present life. Different problems shape people differently, therefore making them emerge as better individuals in the future. Hate them or accept them, your problems are here only to help you become a better you..


Achievements, degrees, designations are some of the many things that give a false boost to your ego. A boosted ego gets hurt very quickly the moment somebody treats you a little unfairly. In your head you think “How dare somebody disrespect me, does this person even know who i am!”, but the truth is, who are you?


You are a nobody. Its one thing to have self respect and feel bad when somebody hurts it, but another to have a sense of extreme pride, thinking of yourself as an extremely important person in this humongous world. You are what your circumstances, the people around you, your education, your job and other factors have made you. Yes, you have contributed immensely in becoming who you are, but take the other factors away, and who would you have been? Nobody. Somewhere, we are all practically nobodies who have a inflated sense of pride. Its good to have self respect, its also extremely good to feel proud of who you are, but its not fair to have an ego that keeps getting inflated which will only make you suffer at the end.

Ego is like the excess fat on your body, shed it before it begins to hurt you.


In life, one should keep falling in love.

Fall in love not necessarily with a person, but something. Fall in love with music, with art, with dance, with writing, with traveling, with nature, with a sport, with movies, with books, with something unexplored, with something new, with something that fascinates you, but just ensure that every now and then when life tends to get boring, you end up finding something that is worth loving Your love for something will make life interesting, and a rejuvenated interest in life will make it all worth living


The phrase “Home Sweet Home” might not be always true. A lot of time, trouble brews at home. Everybody who faces this feels bad, since isn’t it home where happiness is to be found?

The thing is with all the sweetness that a home offers, you have to accept this bitter reality as well. Bad phases at home may linger on for long, but eventually you will find peace one day. Times will change, phases will change, people will change, and you will be happy again


In life, everybody goes through three kinds of bad phases – the bad, the worse and the kind which is too bad to be explained. You feel really really bad, specially when experiencing the third kind. It feels like all of world’s troubles have been unloaded on you and there is simply no way out of this. You feel the most lonely you’ve ever felt. You feel terrible beyond words.

Yes of course there is a way out of this! Yes of course there will be an end to this misery. Yes of course things will be better. You see, we all need to go through our personal worst experiences of life, for multiple reasons. These reasons range from making us realise our potential, to making us lesser egoistic and arrogant, to making us value life to helping bring the best out of us, to making us understand that nothing lasts forever, to making us realize that there are things beyond our control and so much more. The worst happens for not one, but in numerous reasons, and it happens only to lead you to a better future. All that you need to understand is, that better is not always more, but better is wiser. The wiser you are becoming, the better your life is becoming.


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