Just dont hurt back…


As human beings, we are sometimes vulnerable to being hurt by others. When we’re hurt, we’re apt to retaliate and protect ourselves and react in kind (in a way that is definitely not kind). When we’re hurt we tend to think of revenge, and to then react and respond to that hurt by striking back, thinking that we’re justified and this will be justice served to the hurter. We think that hurting the person who’s hurt us will make us feel good to see them suffer as they’ve made us suffer. When we do strike back in revenge, and we manage to hurt the hurter in return, the “happiness” and satisfaction we experience is short-lived. This further erodes our sense of well-being and peace, because this is not true happiness and satisfaction. It is far more self-satisfying in the long run to consciously choose not to exact any revenge at all upon one who’s hurt us. The best “revenge” is always to acknowledge the hurt, express the pain, repair yourself, strengthen and heal yourself, forgive those who hurt you, release the pain (and the experience) and let it go. Hanging on to the hurt, with anger, bitterness and resentment only hurts you and those around you. If you want peace, choose peace instead. To have self-respect and peace is the best way to strike back.

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