If you feel something…


A lot of us view emotional pain as a mistake.

We see it as something that needs to be fixed.

We decide that feeling this kind of pain makes us weak.


And we tell ourselves that the only way to be strong and survive is to not allow ourselves to feel the hurt.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come without hardship.

Feeling lost, scared, wounded, sad, or disappointed, doesn’t make us weak—it makes us human.

We are emotional beings wired to feel and react to our experiences.

By denying that part of ourselves, we’re not only invalidating our feelings, but we’re also neglecting our human need to express what we feel.

If you feel something, you’re feeling it for a reason.

If you feel something, it’s important and valid because it’s real to you.


Burying your feelings doesn’t make them disappear—it intensifies them and keeps you stuck.

The only way to heal from the pain is to allow yourself to feel your feelings.

That means giving yourself permission to feel whatever you feel, whenever you feel it, without conditions.

It means removing any and all judgment you have about emotional pain.

And it takes recognizing that even unpleasant feelings can be gifts in disguise.

Without sadness, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the times when we’re happy.

Without struggle, we wouldn’t value our triumphs and successes.

Without getting lost, we wouldn’t be able to explore who we are and take the journey of self-discovery.

Without the pain of our mistakes, there would be no learning or growth.


And without our wounds, we wouldn’t recognize our ability to heal.

Emotional pain may not be comfortable or easy to endure, but it certainly isn’t something to be ashamed of.

It’s a normal and inevitable part of life.

Instead of fighting your feelings, choose to embrace them.

The sooner you allow yourself to feel them, the sooner they will pass.

And the sooner you can accept that emotional pain is a part of our human existence, the closer you are to healing and freedom…







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