When we’re feeling unsatisfied with our lives, our first inclination is to compare where we’re at to where everyone else is.

We wonder if we’re too far behind or too far ahead.

We place judgement on the choices we’ve made and fixate on what we “should have done instead”.

We worry about what everyone else must be thinking of us.

And we question whether who we are and what we’re doing is enough.

Ultimately however, making comparisons doesn’t help us to feel fulfilled.

If anything, it makes us feel more inadequate and unsure of ourselves.

The reality we often forget is that there is no one correct path in life.

Everyone has their own unique journey.

A path that’s right for someone else won’t necessarily be a path that’s right for you.

Your path isn’t right or wrong, or good or bad.

It’s just different.

And it’s that differentness that makes you who you are and adds to the beauty and diversity of life.

It’s important to remember that life isn’t a race.

There’s no such thing as falling behind because there’s no set destination.

Everyone travels at their own pace.

Where you’re at and the rate at which you’re progressing is not something that can be compared.

Your journey isn’t mean to look like anyone else’s because you aren’t like anyone else.

You’re a person all your own with a life all your own.

So stop comparing, and start living.

You may not have ended up where you intended to go.

But trust, for once, that you have ended up where you needed to be.

Trust that you are in the right place at the right time.

Trust that nothing is missing.

Trust that your life is enough.

Trust that you are enough.


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