After Life…

Losing someone you love either it could be
a friend or a member of your family…
is probably one of the worst
experiences in life. It doesn’t matter how
strong you are; nothing can prepare you
for the death or a separation of a loved
one. When you first hear about what’s
happened you’re in denial you can’t
believe that someone you know and love
is dead or has left you. You can’t bear the
thought of never seeing, hearing or talking
to them again. You feel numb even fearful
at the thought. You keep expecting and
hoping against hope to see them
somewhere even if it was for a second to
say the things you didn’t say but fate is
cruel and you don’t get a second chance
to say ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’.
When you lose someone you start to think
about your life and how there are so many
things that you say and do that
are wrong and a waste of valuable time.

I would like to say that life is too short for

arguments, mistakes and waiting for
tomorrows that never come. We should
make the most of our lives and say
‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and ‘I love you’ more
often or just give a smile to make
someone’s day, because a smile
says a lot more than a silence.
We should live each day as our last and live
our life so that we are prepared for our
death. Always remember God first in the
morning and last at night for you never
know when you may have to leave this
world and go to the afterlife where
excuses are irrelevant,
where you stand before God alone and
answer to your mistakes.

We should smile more often and not get

angry with those we love so easily
because at the end of the day we are all
humans and inclined to make mistakes
that hurt and cause pain to the ones we
love.  We should always let them know
we didn’t mean it because most of the
time we don’t and we should always
give the ones we love a second chance
because death doesn’t wait for us to say
bye or I love you. You have one chance
at this life and it is up to you to
live your life correctly and to please
God who has blessed you so much.
Death comes without warning
and gives no second chances.


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