The Road of Life

It can be a funny thing as we travel on this train called life.

Happiness may seem to be a hard thing to achieve at times

but it is never impossible. There are so many events in

each of our lives that can be a learning experience.

I have learned never to judge a person upon a first encounter.

Different people have different baggage; you never know

when you may meet a person on a bad day.

Never leave a love one with cross words or on a bad note.

Not only do you risk the chance of never seeing this person

again the conscience-..stricken feelings you are left

with are practically unbearable.

I have come to believe the most beautiful sound in the

world is the laughter of a small child. There is not one

sound that is more innocent and full of hope, life and possibilities.

Always love what you do as you work your way through life.

Life is much too short to be stuck in a mundane job that

you hate to go to everyday. You can choose to spend your

time doing something you love or waste it and in the end have nothing.

Through trials and tribulations,

I have learned you can love someone with all of your heart

and they will never, ever love you back.

I have also found along this journey that the best love is

developed from true friendship. Being able to love the

person you call your best friend is a miracle within itself.

In anger, you may find words that hurt others

on the edge of your tongue. The best place for those

words is left on the tongue. Once spoken, words can

never be taken back, much less forgotten.

Learning to forgive is one of the greatest strength

a person can develop. It is never easy to forgive and almost

impossible to forget, being able to go down the road less

traveled will take discipline but is very much worth the ride.

I have discovered many times the ones you love and

depend on most will hurt you. It may not be intentionally,

but it will happen. Trust takes a long time to build and

only a matter of seconds to destroy.

I have determined that in most cases it is best to mind

your own business. You never know when the information

you learn will change your life forever.

We fall in and out of love but as bad as you may feel at times,

you will not die of a broken heart. Life will take many turns.

Some ups and some downs, we must always remember to be

true to ourselves. Only you can make yourself happy.

Remember, Stand up for the things you believe in,

stand by those you love and always be true to yourself.


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