“The Past – Holding On- Letting Go”..

“The Past – Holding On – Letting Go”..


Holding on to the past is trying to

breathe life into a play which is closed.

It is struggling to raise the curtain

in a dark theatre, on a dusty stage,

by ourselves.

The other players have left.

The stage in empty.

It is going over our everyone’s lines,

long since said,

playing all the parts – alone.

It is being stuck.


It is entrapment in a time warp.

The costumes no longer fit.

The buttons have popped.

We are different people today

but we still force the action.

It is a brutal attack on ourselves,

because we become, on this stage,

both the victim and the attacker.



We don’t forgive ourselves………...

We get caught in the “if onlies,”

hanging on to dreams

which did not come true,

losses – a loved person who has died,

an unhappy childhood,

a love affair which did not

end happily ever after,

a youth gone –

opportunities which have disappeared.

The game is over,

but we are bad sports.

We refuse to accept defeat.

We run the tape over and over.

We can put it on rewind but we

can’t get into the movie anymore.



Dr. Wayne Dyer, author of

many wonderful books,

likens it to our holding on

to the bars of a cage.



We rattle them,

desperately trying to get free.

But the bars are just in front of us.

If we look to the right,

to the left or behind us,

there are no bars.

All we have to do is turn

around and walk away.

We are looking for love in that past.


A cry that was not answered,

a unhappy childhood,

that lover who left,

that job to validate us.

We wanted to feel safe,

wanted, worthwhile.

Yet we know that we cannot

infuse love into what is gone.

We can only give and receive love now.

We have shackled ourselves in bondage.

It is time to walk away from the cage.



The past is not holding us.

We are holding it.

Picture all your past relationships,

now lifeless forms,

hanging on hooks in a closet.

The closet goes with you

wherever you go.

The relationships are part of you –

they have made up your experience –

but you are no longer part of them.

Although you carry them with you,

you can no longer breathe

life into them.

They are your past.

You can open the closet door

and look at the array.


But, if you take them out

and try to carry them around,

they are a heavy and unnecessary burden.

Bits and pieces are pinned on these hanging

forms as progress is made

through forgiveness.

And, it is possible that you may

meet again in the present,

but it will always be a new relationship.

You travel with your closet,

filling it more and more each day.

But it is carried for you.

There is no need for you

to put it on your back.

You cannot lose it because it is

the summation of who you are.

But it no longer applies to your present

except as experience and learning.

These are the records of your life

and of your heart.

It is up to you to decide to

keep the door closed,

or to live within the boundaries

of a closet.

We can’t put the past on rewind.

The buttons are stuck.

The actors have gone on to other roles.

The set has been dismantled.

The movie is over.


~Corinne Edwards..

“…and here we are again

the door is closed behind us

and the long road lies ahead

where do we go from here

it’s time to make a change

lets trace the problem

to its source

no more riding the waves

on a river that’s run its course

I stood at the door

to a new beginning

two choices before me

and I was afraid

tied to a fading memory

of something lost in time

afraid to make the change

scared to leave the past behind

the future called

and frightened I turned away

we stand at the door

to a new beginning

two choices before us

don’t be afraid

close your eyes, forget the fear

leave the past behind…”



In order to be free,

we must learn how to let go.

Release the hurt.

Release the fear.

Refuse to entertain your old pain.

The energy it takes to hang onto

the past is holding you back

from a new life.

So many people today are living

below their God-given potential.

They’ve put their dreams on hold

because of disappointments.. or setbacks.

But God doesn’t want us to spend

a single moment living in regret

or condemnation.

He doesn’t want us to settle for mediocrity,

He wants us to make the most

out of every moment of our lives.

He promises to make all things new.

He promises to restore everything the

enemy has stolen from us.



There are only two responses we can have:

internalize the anger and become bitter

or let go!

Bitterness only closes our hands,

not to let go the past and keep replaying

past memory tapes of us

being done wrong.

Most of all bitterness keeps us from

grabbing hold to the blessing in front

of us all because we are afraid

to let go the negativity of the past.

I wish I could tell you that if you

let go you will not be hurt again

but that is not true.

But I can tell you

if you do not let go,

you will not feel the joy that you

will gain more out of life.



It’ is ok…...


….to Let Go!..


We are the ones who have to

make the decision to let go

of the past so we can make

the most of today.

We have to choose to keep

moving forward one step at a time.

When you choose to walk in forgiveness,

you are making the most of your life.

When you reach out to help others,

you are making the most of your life.

When you give of your time, talent,

and resources to build the kingdom of God,

you are making the most of your life.



Choose today to let go of the past

so you can embrace every opportunity

the Lord has in store for your future!



“For a human being to be transformed

and to transcend all imperfections

and limitations, the past has to die.

Everyone has the capacity to do this,

provided they have the right determination.

Forget who you were or

what you may have done in the past.

Focus on what you would like to be,

and then, while you are doing

whatever is necessary to attain the goal,

let go of the future as well.



Who or what you may have been

until now is of little importance.

The past can be compared to a graveyard,

and it wouldn’t be wise to live

in such a place, would it?

Forget your past.

Remember it only when you really

need to do so,

but don’t settle down in it.”

~ Amma, “Awaken Children!”..


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