Happy Heart’s Day

What is Love?
No words can define it,

it's something so great only love could design it.

Wonder of wonders, beyond man's conception,

and only in love can love find true perfection.
For love means much more than small words can express,

for what man calls love is so very much less

than the beauty and depth

and the true richness of love's gift to mankind.

For love has become a word that's

misused, perverted, distorted, and often abused.
To speak of "light romance" or some affinity

for a passing attraction that is seldom much

more than a mere interlude of inflamed fascination.
A romantic fling of no lasting duration,

but love is enduring and patient and kind.

It judges all things with the heart, not the mind,

and love can transform the most commonplace

into beauty and splendor and sweetness and grace.

For love is unselfish, giving more than it takes,

and no matter what happens love never forsakes.
It's faithful and trusting and always believing,

guileless and honest and never deceiving.
Yes, love is beyond what man can define,

for love is immortal and love's gift is divine.


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