Happiness is a state of being

That paints the world and all you’re seeing

The spirit of happy soars and sings;

It easily accepts whatever life brings.

It gives you strength in times of sorrow,

Certain there is a brighter tomorrow.

It knows that up is opposite of down,

And a smile can quickly replace a frown.

Happy is something you choose to be,

Then happiness happens for all to see.

Mind your thoughts, watch what you say,

And guide all your actions day by day.

Make happy the way you see your life;

Throw out ideas that cause you strife.

Let optimism lead your mind;

All that is negative, leave behind.

Paint your vision with a rosy brush,

When thoughts turn dark, make them hush.

No matter what you life’s all about

There are many thoughts you could throw out.

Start each day on a personal high;

The unhappy things will pass you by.

Many good things will be drawn to you

To reinforce happy in all that you do.

Become it first within your mind;

Your heart will follow close behind.

That elusive happy you want to be

Will soon become your reality.


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