What is Love

What is Love

Love is Sharing. This is one of the 

most important ingredients of love. 

It is important to open ones heart 

and share pain, joy, success and failure, 

it really does not matter, 

as long as the heart is clear. 


Love is being honest and 

knowing that the other person 

feels the same way too, 

it is sharing and losing ones inhibitions 

and knowing that the person on the other 

side will never be judgmental. 

Love is Talking. 

It is about speaking, 

telling and sharing. 

After some time people restrict 

their conversations to discussing 

bills, children and pets. 

This is a sure indicator 

of things going down hill. 

Bring the spark back 

by starting a conversation. 

Love is Spending Time Together.

A few minutes spent together everyday 

keeps the boredom away. 

I just made this up right now, 

but it is because I feel there is nothing 

like time invested in a relationship,

believe me, it pays! 


Heavy work schedules take up 

much time and effort, 

so it is important to get things 

into perspective. 


Love is Faithfulness.

To love means to be true, 

to love unconditionally.. means to give 

with all your heart to one, 

and only one. 


Love is when you realize that he/she 

is the best thing that has happened to you 

and you want to cherish that person 

and the moments spent with him/her 

till death do you part. 

Love is Being Friends.

Love is being friends with each other. 

Enjoying simple pleasures in life 

like shopping, catching a movie or 

watching television at home, 

apart from a host of other things that 

"Friends" normally do! 


Love is Looking Together in the Same Direction. 

This may sound clichéd, 

but it is true…love is having the same goals and 

taking steps in that direction 

to make them come true. 


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