I learned that sometimes it is easier to

share my soul with the whole world

than it is to share it with someone


I learned that aspiring toward

my desires takes true commitment

and, a solid belief that my

goals have legitimacy


I learned that asking for

understanding is sometimes

impossible but,

giving understanding is not

I learned that trying to prepare

others for what lies ahead,

May confuse their innocence

and thwart their progress


I learned that saying no to someone

else, even when they object

Can help them learn to say no in their

own lives, when need be

I learned that wanting and needing

are hard to separate but the

difference is of great importance


I learned that I am stronger than

I thought I was

and, that I need both strength

and insight to function

I learned that I will not always feel

positive but that, my down days give

me perspective

I learned that patience takes


But, its rewards are immense


I learned that laughing

after making a mistake

Does not erase its valuable lesson

I learned that letting someone else’s

laughter reach my heart

Is just as rewarding as saying

something to make them laugh

I learned that appreciation of others,

of life and of challenges

Causes each day to be full and fruitful


I learned that it is good to expect

better of one’s self

But, not so good to stress over petty


I learned that living is not one huge

moment of joy




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