Memories of Love

Memories Of Love

“To fall in love is awfully simple, To fall out of love is simply awful”



That wonderful experience that can’t be bought, stolen or made to happen.. it just simply is.

That rare jewel of inspiration that places a fire in a man’s soul when found

And at the same time can be the agony in a man’s heart when lost.




I reflect back to the loves in my life, there is a bitter sweetness to them.

Maybe that’s true for everybody.

I think about the valuable lessons I learned from them.

Those who lifted and delighted my soul

and those who wrecked havoc upon my being.



I am not a victim or a casualty of love,

But I’ve had more then my share of loss with it.

There is a feeling of helplessness in watching

Something you nurtured and tended to

Go away and all you can do is accept it.

I love big and with that, I hurt big.



There were many times that my heart felt a little bit split into two…

Like half of it has been torn out

And the remaining half sat inside of my chest,

Pumping a little slower than usual,

Trying to decide whether to look for the missing half

Or to just grow a new one.

I always grew a new one.

And the funny thing is….

My heart would grow stronger each time.


Oh, but the delight of love when found…

There is nothing that compares.

The memories of those who I shared my heart

As I reminisce in the attic of my mind

The scrapbook of beautiful faces with voices that I’ll never forget.

Kisses that made me dizzy and warm thoughts of jokes only we knew.

Laughter…. lot’s of laughter and the feeling that

The world was right, and I held it in my hand

But if only in a slice of time.


Places and adventures we shared.

Dreams and secrets exchanged.

Not thinking about tomorrow, but living in that moment

The life we shared was all that was important

And wanting it to last forever.

And believing it would.


Feeling totally lost in each other…

No one else even existed.

Looking into each others eyes

And giggling like children.

Yes, I know that shouldn’t last forever,

But I think it could if life didn’t

Get in the way.


I know that all of the loves in my life

Have had a purpose.

To grow me, to prepare me for the next.

Sometimes, late at night,

I walk out onto my front porch,

And gaze upon the stars over head.

And I remember those loves from my past.

The ones I couldn’t live without,

And the one’s that nearly drove me crazy,

And as I remember them, I miss the good

In them and what we once had together.

I’m so lucky to have had them,

Even if it wasn’t long enough.



One of the the things you learn as you get older

Is the value of love, of respect, of support…

And that toying with the human heart is not a sport.

And perhaps most important, true love is rare,

And takes time to develop.
Cherish it when you find it,

Treat it like a gem, and… make allowances.



To love another takes courage,

To love at all is to be vulnerable.

But always remember, you never lose by loving,

You lose by holding back.





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