Better In Time…

Better In Time…


Sometimes I wish  I were a little kid again,

skinned knees are easier  to fix than

broken hearts


Relationships are like glass.

Sometimes it’s better to leave them

broken than try

to hurt yourself putting it back together.


“Old times” never come back  and I

suppose it’s just as well.

What comes back is a new morning  every

day in the year,and that’s better.


Ask me why I keep on loving you

when it’s clear that you don’t feel

the same way for me…

the problem is that as much as I

can’t force you to love me,

I can’t force myself to stop loving you.


It’s so curious:

one can resist tears and ‘behave’ very well

in the hardest hours of grief.

But then someone makes you a

friendly sign behind a window,

or one notices that a flower that was in bud

only yesterday has suddenly blossomed,

or a letter slips from a drawer…

and everything collapses.


The turning point in the process

of growing up is when you discover

the core of strength within you that

survives all hurt.


That was rough….

Thing to do now is try and forget it….

I guess I don’t quite mean that.

It’s not a thing you can forget.

Maybe not even a thing you want to


Life’s like that sometimes…

Now and then for no good reason

a man can figure out,

life will just haul off and knock him flat,

slam him again the ground so hard it seems

like all his insides is busted.

But it’s not all like that.

A lot of it’s mighty fine,

and you can’t afford to waste the

good part frettin’ about the bad.

That makes it all bad….

Sure, I know – sayin’ it’s one thing

and feelin’ it’s another.

But I’ll tell you a trick that’s

sometimes a big help.

When you start lookin’ around for

something good to take the place of the bad,

as a general rule you can find it.





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