Less Like Scars

Less Like Scars


The past holds many secrets better left untold…

For to bring them to the present its bitterness unfolds…

The memories we cherish may be tarnished by its gloom…

Its darkness and its sorrow is to what we are doomed…


There is no need relive the past for to do so is in vain…

Yesterday’s gone, today is here

Why relive the pain….

Forget the past as you turn away and wish it a farewell…

For no longer in the past will your present dwell…


Don’t look back at all those times you failed –

They are in the past and can not be changed.

Dont look back on the painful losses…

They were not meant to be anyway.

Don’t look back and cry over lost time—

For you are just wasting more time and contradicting yourself.


Don’t look back on everything you did’nt get –

Focus on what you have

And how blessed you are to have them.

Don’t look back and regret falling in love —

You enjoyed it while it lasted.

Shine on and don’t look back!





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