Don’t Lose This Moment…

Don’t Lose This Moment…


Don’t lose this moment. Don’t miss the opportunity to fill this moment right now with joy and love, because you are worrying about what will happen next. Don’t miss the chance to take action right now, because you are thinking about yesterday’s missed opportunities.


Are you confused about where your life is heading? Then take action right now. In this very moment, there are things right in front of you that you can do, to make your body healthier, to make your home more beautiful, to make your relationships more loving, or to move your business or career forward.


Don’t miss this moment. It will never come again, exactly like this, exactly as you are and as it is, with the people that are in it right now.
No matter what happened yesterday and no matter what is going to happen tomorrow, right now, there is peace and love inside you, waiting to be expressed, waiting to be given form in your life. Don’t miss the chance to create a wonderful moment, right now…


Love, RoyGbiV



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