Galit Daw!

There are 2 things we say in anger: those that we don’t really mean, but we say them just because our anger blinded us, and those that we secretly mean, and it only came out because rage disabled our edit button.


And these are the different things “We’ve Said In Anger”

1.To my quasi-boyfriend: “Sana makulob ka sa sarili mong utot para malaman mo kung gaano kasama ang ugali mo!”

2.An angry yaya scolding her makulit ward: “Ay told yu nat tu du dat, yu du dat! Naw luk at!” (Translation: “Sinabi kong huwag mong gawin ‘yan, ginawa mo pa rin. Ayan, tignan mo!”)

3.My sister was so mad at me for teasng her that, red in her face, she shouted: “You..are such..A BARST PERSON!” Hindi siya makapili between bastos and worst.

4.When I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me, I told him: “Kaya nga ako nagboyfriend ng pangit dahil ayoko ng may kaagaw!”

5.Out of frustration, I said this to my husband: “Inaano ba kita, bakit mo ko inaano!”

6.My super nice but legally blonde-ish friend got into an accident. A truck smashed into her Fortuner. The truck driver didn’t take her seriously and in fact kept laughing at her because of her super kolehiyala way of talking. When they got the police station, the truck driver kept laughing and mocking her. In my friend’s anger, she screamed: “Gusto kita sampalin, but your face is so oily!!!”

7.Everytime gagabihin ako ng uwi sa bahay, my angry mom would always say: ”Pinapanalangin namin ng papa mo na sana pag nagka-anak ka, haliparot ding tulad mo!”

8.I told a grade one bully who bullies my grade one son: “Do you want me to kill you? Do you want me to kill your whole family? Get out of my son’s face!”

9.“I’ll kill you until you’re dead!”

10.My brother and I said this when our dad was being a lame ass again: “Sa susunod na subukan niyang magpakamatay, hayaan na natin siya.”

11.When I was in high school & got angry with my group members, they accused me of not calling them up. In front of all our classmates and our male teacher, I yelled: “Anong hindi tinawag, eh halos lumawit na yung tinggil ko sa kakatawag sa inyo!!!” (What I wanted to say was, “lumawit na yung litid ko”)

12.Overheard from an angry girlfriend in Starbucks: “Where did you…Where have you…Saan ka ba galing?!?”

13.I’ve told this to an annoying old maid customer in our sari-sari store: “Ano ba, bibili ka ba o lalamutakin mo lang ang itlog ko?!?”

14.In the heat of gitgitan on the road: “Sige, gitgitin mo pa ako para magbanggaan tayo! May apat pa akong magagamit habang inaayos kotse ko. Eh ikaw?”

15.When I was in c0llege, we made assumpti0ns regarding what happened to my friend. Angrily she blurted out: “Ang hilig niyo kasi mag-ASSUMPT!”

16.When my mom told me: “Why is it that your cousin does a lot better than you?” I answered: “Maybe because auntie is a lot better than you too.”

17.My ex: “Sasampalin mo ko, no? Naiinis ka na no? Sige, sampalin mo ko! Sige! Sampalin mo ko!” (PAK!) “Sinampal mo ko…bakit mo ko sinampal…?”

18.When I was being harassed by this school guard when I was in college, I blurted out: “Kung di ka pa tatayo diyan ng pitong beses kada linggo, di mo pa mapapahigop ng sabaw ang pamilya mo!” I felt so guilty afterwards.

19.My friend told our classmate: “Nakaka-offend na yang kilikili mo, ha!”

20.Back in high school, my classmates were caught peeping on our pretty young teacher when she saw a small mirror under her desk, just below her skirt between her legs. The next day, our old maid teacher burst into the room, arms outstretched, legs wide open, shouting: “Matapang kayong mamboso pag nakatalikod ang biktima nyo, ha! Sige, ayan, nakaharap ako! Sige, BOSOHAN NIYO KO!”

21.This is what I said to my boyfriend during a fight: “Yan kasing utak mo, mas maliit pa diyan sa titi mo!”




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