BeeCharms’ Success

Well, I guess this is the time that I wanna share with you this little success of my BeeCharm, since I started this business (July 2006), I didn’t know na makakatulong pala ako sa mga tao, in some little ways ika nga. Noon kasi parang laro-laro lang ako dito sa shop ko, kung may tao – ok lang, kung wala – ok din lang…After a month nakikita ko ang konting yanig sa akin when I saw people in need so badly just to chat their loveones, inisip ko, “OA naman to, di ba pwedeng maghintay? hehehe, sorry po!” So, lahat ng customer ko pinag-aralan ko, kinda psycho nga e, may customer ako na maarte, ayaw ng maingay, ayaw ng mabaho, ayaw ng malakas ang sounds sa headset (kung tutuusin, hindi naman tenga nya ang mababasag diba?)…and I understand, sa totoo lang “pasensya” ang puhunan mo pag andito ka sa ganitong business..hindi lahat ng taong pumupunta dito everyday mababait, minsan nauubos ang pasensya ko, so sometimes I just keep silent nalang dahil anong malay ko ba kung anong mood meron sila?

Syempre sa lahat ng mga customers ko meron akong sinasabing “BANKABLE CUSTOMERS TALAGA!” You know why? Cos they spend a lot of money and hours to stay in BeeCharm, as in from opening to closing, mababa na ang 3 hours to chat ang lupit minsan walang kainan….So sa kanilang pagtyatyaga good results naman, imagine nakuha na sila ng mga fiance nila as in through chat lang…

So I’m proud to say that these people are my loyal customers no matter what, as in bagyo man o walang bakante andyan pa rin sila, kita nyo naman kung nasaan na sila ngayon….


1. This is Doctora Muriel Ballares-Quan, she is from Cebu, she worked as a general practitioner in Mr. Prasing Mascariñas Clinic here in Tubigon, the first time I saw her akala ko studyante palang kasi suot nya ung maliit na damit tapos kung magsalita as in napaka feminine nya, pero halata ko ung boses nya hindi sya taga Bohol.She met her husband in this powerful site called “FilipinaHeart”, Brent Quan is an airline pilot for U.S. Airways. After a month of chatting through Yahoo Messenger, they met in person last July 26, 2006 in Cebu, after that Mr. Quan was processing her Fiancee Visa and last May 2007, Dr. Ballares flew to Maryland and they got married on June 5, 2008. As of now they are living in Laurel, Maryland. Dr. Muriel Quan is working in Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC and Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Northern Virginia.


Love Birds… on their Western Caribbean Cruise!





2.Ma’am Lilia Baloria is a widow from Clarin, Bohol, my first impression? A strong woman! I didn’t know her story until one day she talked about her life that at the very young age her husband died and the three kids left to her…So nakipag sapalaran sya sa internet…She asked a sign from God na kung sino man ang unang lalaking susulat sa kanya then; “HE IS THE ONE” ….And again this FilipinaHeart brought her “LUCK” and she met Matthew Harmsworth, imagine after two months of chatting nagkita agad sila sa Manila last Jan. 27, 2007, after almost a year (February 2008) lumipad na sya papuntang Michigan, and last April 20 2008, they got married at the Freedom Center, Fenton, Michigan, together with her three lovely girls.


Mr & Mrs. Harmsworth


With her kids.



3. Same as usual Em-em, proud from Tubigon, she found her hubby in FilipinaHeart on Jan.28, 2006. Through their constant chatting in YM they met personally in Cebu last April 24, 2007 and got married last July 20, 2007 in Cebu City. Her husband is working as a Police Officer in New Jersey they have a cute son named Richard D. Jordan , sabi nya she had a lot of reason kung bakit nya to ginawa, first is to help her family here in Bohol that’s why she wishes to work in New Jersey whenever she recovered after giving birth.


Mr & Mrs. Jordan..


The product of Boholana and New Jersian! hehehehe, cutify Richard D. Jordan…



4. This girl is different from the three ladies above; she met her “lifetime partner” in Skype because of me. That time my BeeCharm just started so I can tell u honestly that people didn’t know about my internet café and there are only few customers to come by, Weng used to visit here and go to YM and chat for 3 to 4 hours almost everyday…on that day YM site was down and she didn’t know about the Skype, so I taught her how to search and navigate on that messenger…at first she said “samuka man ni uy, daghan man manawag”, (hehehehe, Weng I remember you!), but alas! This is the best messenger she found when she met Andy Ordematt, this guy is from Switzerland working as a Computer Science Project Manager/System Engineer. And I can’t believe when Weng told me to print her plane ticket to go to Manila just to meet Andy on May 12, 2007, the moment they met, Andy liked her already, she brought Andy here in my BeeCharm and we said hi and hello to each other, they were so sweet then. And I wish them to end up together na talaga…and guess what? They got married last September 26, 2008, as of now they live together in the big city of Switzerland called Zurich, Weng is presently studying in Deutsch Language to know and talk to the people fluently


Andy Ordematt


The Newly Wed – Mr & Mrs. Ordematt


The Yosoya Family


Maam Suzzette is working in Canada. For four years of not seeing her husband and her daughter Angel, now they are together as a family.



The Aplacador Family

1_923676606l-300x225Balot’s husband is Niel Aplacador, he worked in Canada, after almost a year of chatting with his son RJ, they are now living in Canada together.



“Cindy Diaz in Canada

With her own testimonials:

Yes nag-apply ako, and it was a difficult time coz i was sucked from my work.

over 2 yrs na ko in Canada and i love it here

im getting use to the weather and their way of life,

being away from your family is difficult but always lang jud nako itanum sa ako mind na para papod ni sa ilaha ako na gibuhat . “

(Im proud of you Cindy). Bravo!

1_455154535l-225x300flowerandheartseperator-11_113917366l-300x225Maricel Apolinar from Clarin, her aunt sponsored her to go in Australia, Buhay milyonarya, hehehehe. Sabi nya taga bilang daw sya ng kangaroo doon, hehehehe, i miss you girl! wala na kaming customer na donya…

1_209720531l-300x225with her cousin and auntie…


Mae Biscocho is from Inabanga working as a Teacher in Holy Family of Nazareth, at first I didn’t believe that she has a planned to work abroad because I knew that her husband is a seaman so I thought they are already stable and contented of what life is…until one day she said “I want to print this pages” and I saw it was like a petition or an invitation to work in Denmark.. after a month she told me that shes going to Denmark…actually her two cousins was also my customers before, Gay and Charise, now I used to see them online when their family go here and chat with them, and im happy to know that at least they are in good hands, wherever they are they came from BeeCharm…I missed them…


From Inabanga to Denmark!


You wanna know who’s next?Watch for my next blog this coming 2009….

As what Doc. Muriel said “BeeCharm is the channel for two people across the world to meet”.




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